Best of Thailand

After 2 months of adventuring across Vietnam, it was time for a relaxing holiday that didn’t involve motorbikes or sore bums. While my partner in crime has been to Thailand a few times, it was a [...]

Ignite the senses – India

After exploring New Zealand, Bali, and Sri Lanka, I found myself in a place much less touristy in South Asia. India was a whole new ball game. This blog post is more of a general [...]

Paradise central – Sri Lanka

After spending a month in Bali, I was ready for something different. Without doubt, Bali is an esthetically beautiful country, but tourism has turned it into a holiday destination rather than a place of rich [...]

Bali in a Nutshell!

We all have different interests and motivations for travelling so I can’t recommend things that will be universally enjoyed by everyone. All I can do is explain my perspective and offer advice based on my [...]

Baller on a Budget

The concept behind saving is to set money aside for a future expenditure. It could be anything - a house, car, holiday, designer handbag, watch, computer, whatever...We all have different motivations for saving. Though saving [...]