Over the past  12 months, I travelled to 16 countries across 4 continents including Australia, Asia, North America and Europe. I moved around by plane, train, taxi, bus, scooter, motorbike, and finally a 20-year-old van with a mattress in the back. I wined and dined in New Zealand, snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, roamed through rice fields in Indonesia, and shared footsteps of kings in palaces of India. I trekked across the Himalayan Mountains in Nepal, ate Pho with the locals in Vietnam, practiced 10 days of silence in Thailand, and drove a van across the United States. I learned how the sail in the Greek islands, backpacked across Eastern Europe, and indulged in homemade pasta and Gelato in Italy’s Eternal City. I frequently update Curious Wanderer with helpful tips and tricks about all things travel, including highlights and sneaky finds, as well as reflective pieces about my own personal experience. I wholeheartedly welcome you to join the adventure!

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