Christmas and New Year’s sparks a special and familiar kind of vibe. A lot of us get some time off work to sit back, relax and enjoy the warm comforts of family and friends. Additionally, with another year coming to an end, it seems natural to reflect on what took place in 2014 in terms of accomplishments. It’s a nice way to acknowledge your progress and see how you’ve been moving forward, even if you perhaps felt stagnant at times.Not only that, but 2015 feels like a new start and a chance to make some new goals and or continue to strive toward those you’re still working on. Ultimately, it’s an exciting place to be. There’s a sense of empowerment knowing that with vision, action and hard work, we have the ability to do anything. Something I often need to remind myself of – but it’s true.


For me, 2014 was a combination of highs and lows, but overall I feel pretty content with the lessons learned and progress made. The past few weeks of my holiday in Australia have been about letting go of negative thought patterns that don’t serve me and just enjoying each day as it comes with an open mind. So far, so good!


My holiday started in Melbourne with Jack’s family over Christmas, which was a really nice few days of food, wine and laughter. We then decided to pack up and hit the road on a camping trip with a dynamite dream team that included Jack’s best mate and his girlfriend. While it might have been borderline “glamping” with our music, grill, generator, and the occasional winery trip, we were still bathing in the river and sleeping under the stars. Fresh air, sunshine, good food, card games, Frisbee, and nature walks. It was pure magic! All while being surrounded by trees and hills, listening to the sounds of the forest and a flowing river nearby. The drive alone was impressive with a countryside of never ending fields and hidden little country towns full of character.


After some solid time in Victoria and spending NYE with Jack, I made my way to over to Airlie Beach in Queensland with me, myself and I. It’s funny how random things happen when you’re by yourself. Maybe it’s because we seem more open to meeting new people without company? Admittedly, I was a bit uncomfortable at first to dine alone in a nice restaurant, but I ended up meeting some really nice people who were full of beans and ready to chat! I liked it!


The next day, I met up with a few girls from Canada who I embarked with on a two day sail boat trip in the Whitsundays. At first, it was absolutely stunning. We had sun throughout the day, good snorkelling and a sky full of stars to admire at night. However, things quickly turned for the worst around 4:30am when it started storming. I’m talking high winds and big waves to the point that the boat was air-born a couple of times and water was flowing over the front into the bottom of the boat. At first I was laughing about it thinking, “Hey, how often do I get to be on a boat in a storm on the ocean”? It wasn’t until the sea sickness started kicking in that I retracted that thought process. Personally, I have never been sea sick before, but I found myself feeling both dizzy and nauseas. It’s safe to say I wasn’t alone. Nearly everyone on board was in the same “boat.”


To overcome our seasickness, our captain dropped us off at Whitehaven beach, which is rated one of the top beaches in the world. Aside from the seasonal March flies and torrential monsoon taking place, it was a relief to have our feet meet the earth and see such a magical place. Lucky for us, it began to clear up and we were able to enjoy the warm turquoise water, silky white sand and lush scenery.


Once our boat trip ended, we picked up our bad ass “soccer mom” van and hit the highway toward Cairns. 9 hours later, we arrived at our luxury tree house, where we would be living like Queens for the next few days. Imagine a jungle oasis if you will. This place was exceptional. It was a hidden gem in the middle of the rainforest with everything we needed including a pool in the backyard and lazy hammocks for chilling. We cooked up a few delicious meals, drank some fine wine, and enjoyed some morning teas together. There may have been a jam session and moon light dip in there as well. Clothing optional!


Being that our backyard was a rainforest, it was full of different species of wild life including birds, insects, and rodents. The bushes came alive with all sorts of noises at night. We even saw a little possum get hunted and eaten by a bat. Yes, these bats are huge and can eat up to their own body weight. While it was rather disturbing to hear, it was also quite fascinating seeing nature take its course. That wasn’t the last hunt of the night either…


It was time to wrap up the trip and say goodbye to the girls while I finished my holiday with a couple days to myself in Cairns. It was cool having some free time to wonder around a new city, explore different areas and fit in some pampering. Thai message? Yes please! I then finished my weekend in Sydney where Jack and I enjoyed a perfect beach day on the coast. It was a nice and comforting feeling to be home. Nothing like you’re own bed!


Now I’m back to grind at work. With our annual conference quickly approaching in Surfers Paradise, there is no shortage of things to do. So, I’ll say goodbye for now. Thank you for reading and stay tuned for a new and improved blog site.