So it’s the end of June and I haven’t written anything since April…well that’s not totally true. I did attempt a blog for May, but I’ve chosen not to post it. May was a tough month for me and most of my last blog was pretty negative and mostly complaining (two things I try not to do). So instead of going on and on about them, I’ve decided to give a quick summery and move on from it. Some challenges expressed in my May blog included as follows: the stresses that come from moving house as Jack and I have lived in 4 different houses since we got to Sydney 7 months ago. I also, quite passionately, pointed out how the cost of living in Sydney is too expensive and then went on to say how routine and repetition can become boring. Lastly, I discussed how it can be difficult to start another life from scratch, finding a different group of individuals to call family (aka people and friendships that can provide with you with a similar comfort as your own back home). However, once I started typing, I finally heard myself as I went on complaining and making excuses about these problems listed above. That’s when I thought to myself…get over it. This is all part of the experience and in the big scheme of things, these problems are minor. If I wanted everything to be easy and familiar, I wouldn’t have left Canada in the first place.


Sometimes in life, we have to step back and look at our current situation from a different perspective. It’s important to reflect on how you’re acting and explore what you could do differently to change any negative feelings that result in negative outcomes. Where was my gratitude? I know I once had it, but it left me. My genuine feeling of thanks had somehow disappeared. So, I re-evaluated everything. You see, one of the most wonderful things about life it that we have the control over how we want to live it. While we don’t have control over the things we feel, we do have control over the way think and how we act. These two things put together in the right way, can be a very powerful tool. At times, outside sources will test you (as per above) but it’s important not forget and remind yourself of the many things that bring you joy. Once I was able to bring myself back to this space, I could once again see the value in everything I’ve gone through thus far…both the good and the bad. I refused to be defeated. After all, just like Joshua J.Marine says, “challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”


It’s been a while since I’ve given an up-date about what’s currently going on with me. So, here it is…As I said before I haven’t had the best of luck with living situations. First house was great, it was always just temporary. But I met a few girls there from Scotland, Ireland and England. They are my “go to gals” when it comes to drinks, a good laugh and some classic Irish pub jigs. The second house in Newtown was an absolute fail when it came to roomies. While we loved the area, the couple we lived with drove us nuts! The third house, we loved, but our roommate had a change of circumstance with his partner and we were only able to stay in that house for a month. Next house, is the house Jack and I are currently living in. I’m really thrilled to say…WE LOVE IT! We love our roommates, we love the house, we love the area and we love our little dog Locky that comes with the roomies and the house. Gum tree (aka Craig’s list back home) was my best friend for a while there, but NO MORE. Our living situation is taken care of and I could not be happier about that. Suddenly, everything just started getting better.


From the work side of things, I now have a good grasp on my role and I’m taking on a few more responsibilities for future projects. I’m also thinking about taking a Marketing course in August to keep myself refreshed. However, there is one hurdle I am facing at work that doesn’t have to do with my job, but rather the Australian Government. While CSG has offered to sponsor me, it seems that department of immigration is cracking down in granting 457 visas (which enables to me to work and live in Australia so long as I work for CSG). As a result, I’ve been in the works of collecting anything I can to strengthen my application including, proof of education and reference letters from previous employers, current employers and from my current soccer club. Once I hand in all that I can, it’s a waiting game and hopefully the decision works in my favour.


Since Jan 2013, I’ve been playing on a girls’ soccer team called “Dunbar Rovers.” Our team is doing really well. We are sitting in the top 4 of the league. Also, last week we beat the number one team, so I think we’ll have a good chance in the finals. Playing on this team has been good fun and great exercise. I love being outdoors on a field, it reminds me of that same feeling I used to have at recess as a kid. Only this time, I’m older and instead of playing tag, there’s a ball and rules to follow :). From the social side of things, being involved in this club has been great. It’s been a perfect way to meet new people, especially for a new girl in town like myself.


On the topic of exercise, I’ve also taken up yoga. I’ve been pretty dedicated to going 2-3 times a week. I feel really good after so will probably keep it up when my trial ends. However, I did have a back injury several years back, so I have to be careful with how far I push myself. But, I definitely see how it’s beneficial for the mind/body/soul as they say.


My final and most exciting up-date for this blog is that I am heading to Hawaii July 18th. I’m going for 12 days and meeting up with my Mom and sister Emily who I haven’t seen in a whole year. It’s safe to say, I’m really looking forward to it. This isn’t the first time Emily has been to Hawaii and she has a strong connection to this island, so it will be interesting to see why. I CANNOT wait to hang out with them!!!! One year is too long to be apart from your family.


So that’s where I call it quits before this blog becomes a novel. Stay tuned for another blog in July about my adventures in Hawaii. Thanks for reading!!