Elizabeth Gilbert wrote, ‘An artist isn’t exclusively chained to grinds of mere survival.’

I suppose that’s why I started blogging, or rather publishing my own pieces of writing for others to see. Similar to a painter, musician or actor, a writer is not required to survive in the world as we know it. We do not save lives or prevent economic crashes, or help solve world hunger. Of course, some writers have had an immense impact on how we understand the world and the history before us. But a lot of us, myself included, will write for the love of writing. It might not end up anywhere of huge significance, it might not be acknowledged at all, but that’s not the point. In fact, the beauty of writing (or any kind of artistic expression) is that there doesn’t have to be a point.

We are adding colour to our lives, decorating them in a beautiful dance, often without rhyme or reason. Ultimately, showing people a new perspective through a different lens – your own lens. Keeping our audience and us from spiralling into a sea of the mundane and monotonous requirements of life. Yes, these requirements are important – without doubt, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate some pointless creative flair, in the process of building a life.

I was creative before I even knew what the word meant. As soon as I could hold a crayon, I would quietly sit for hours colouring and drawing at the table.  Also, I started to write from a young age in my journal, which transpired into some short stories in elementary school. Then, I moved on to essays in High School and further to majoring in English Literature in University.

After University, I got wrapped up in corporate jobs for my own personal survival (steady pay check and decent pay). Slowly, my creativity flat-lined. I no longer required this means of expression in these structured office jobs. As a result, I stopped writing completely. Perhaps that’s another reason why I left Toronto in a hurry in 2012, after 1 year of grinding. My inner creative was begging me to let her out!

So, that’s when I started my first ever blog, which was called ‘Inspired to Explore.’ Very Rookie, I know. However, it excited me at the time and was the beginning of my online journal entries. Which also coincided with my Summer Eurotrip and one-way ticket to Australia – hence the name.

Looking back at some of my previous entries, I can’t help but laugh at my writing style and how incredibly naive I was, but I didn’t care. I published it anyway and frankly, that’s brave. People judge you on what you wear, whom you hang out with, what type of career you have etc. Of course, people will also judge you on what you write about and the things you say. There’s no escaping that. The only obvious solution is to embrace it and trust that some people will like what you write. Not everyone, but some, and that’s Ok!

Fast-forward 3 years to living in Sydney, working yet again at another corporate office job. To be fair, I quite enjoy working in offices environments and I have learned a lot from my previous jobs. However, I’ve come to understand that I need my own creative project on the side to keep my head above water. So, alas, came Curious Wanderer.

I needed a host, platform and domain name. Go Daddy, check! WordPress, check! Curiouswanderer.com, check! I hired a developer to give my site a facelift, paid a graphic designer to make me a logo and got started.

Now, my site holds all of travel entries over the last 5 years, including travel tips and personal reflective pieces about the highs and lows of being a nomad/expat combo. I don’t have ads, sponsors, or affiliates. It’s just me, having a yarn, to whoever wants to listen.

Even though writing doesn’t always need to have a point, I’ll make one anyway. If you feel any inclination to explore your creative expression, be it blogging, painting, singing, dancing, designing, woodworking, sculpting, music, making videos – whatever. Don’t let that little voice in your head keep for you from doing it. Suppressing that creative part of you would simply be a disservice to yourself.

I’ll finish with Elizabeth’s words, ‘I want to live a charmed, interesting and passionate existence.’  Me too Liz, me too.

Thanks for reading! Go create 😉