I grew up in a small town of 5000 people in Western Ontario. I have two loving parents and three older siblings whom I’m rather fond of.  I grew an interest in travel at the age of 14 when I first left Canada and went to Mexico. After that, I went to Europe on a school trip, followed by a 3-month exchange in Spain. Since then, travelling has been a passion that followed me into adulthood.

I went through the motions of High School, followed by University. In my early twenties, I found full time work in the corporate world executing various business admin roles, including PA, HR, and Marketing.

After a while, I became disenchanted by my routine and wanted to experience something new and exciting. I decided to save up some money and move to Australia on a one-way flight. Just before leaving, coincidently, I met an Australian guy (Jack) who made quite the impression. He was living in Canada, involved in the evolution of an AFL (Aussie Rules Football) league in Toronto. With some uncertainty lingering, I still moved over to Australia, while he stayed in Canada. After 3 months apart, Jack moved back to join me. We made a good team and we were crazy about each other, so we chose to make it work.

Together we built a life in Sydney, we had a place, a car, jobs and friends. Here we spent over 3 years saving up our money to travel the world. In October 2015 we sold all of our possessions, quit our jobs and packed our bags. Over the past 18 months we covered New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, USA, and Greece. Curiouswanderer.com has been an outlet for documenting these travels, not only as way to update our friends and family, but to share valuable knowledge with aspiring travellers.

Currently we are living in a mountain village in Bulgaria, volunteering at a coworking space. The adventure continues…